Chloe Flores Facebook Residency

I am very happy to announce that for the month of May I’m doing the Chloe Flores Facebook residency. Each month, Chloe Flores gives her Facebook page to a different artist. The artist then “resides” there, taking over the page for a public residency. If you’d like to check in on me or participate in the residency, please click here to friend Chloe Flores!

Here’s my artist statement for the residency:

Carrie Yury: Chloe Flores Facebook Residency Statement

Facebook, Privacy, and Revolution

After a fruit seller self-immolated in Tunisia, social media helped spread a revolution that swept the Middle East. Social media is fomenting revolutions of all kinds. Not all of these revolutions are as dramatic or as obviously political as those in the Middle East, but they are revolutions nonetheless. Facebook, blogs, twitter, flickr etc allow us to broadcast 24/7, relentlessly exposing our minutiae to millions of other people. This is creating a social revolution that is rapidly changing personal mores, interpersonal protocols, and concepts of the self.

I’m galvanized by this revolution because I’m interested in what happens when the private sphere is exposed in public. I think the private is political. What I mean by that is that private acts, spaces, and thoughts all have the potential to effect real, progressive socio-cultural change. While I don’t claim to have a comprehensive understanding of the way social media is revolutionizing public/private I’m both excited and fascinated by the change it is wrecking on and around me.

My Chloe Flores Facebook Residency

Divorced from my actual data, the Chloe Flores Facebook residency will afford me the space to performatively meditate on public privates. All Facebook pages are performances. My goal is to deliberately engage with that performance to understand something more about what is still considered private, and what that means. So, for the month of May I will perform as “myself,” and try to engage with subjects, spaces, and ideas that are uncomfortable in public.

This is my first residency, but from what I understand of residencies, they provide artists with time and space to experiment. The goal of some residencies is not so much to produce a finished artwork, but instead to invest in your process, to explore and generate new ideas. I’m still not sure whether my residency will produce a finished artwork, or be a space where I generate thoughts for future work. But I hope you join me in figuring it out, whatever direction it takes.

I think the body will figure heavily in the project. But I want the residency to be a place where I can learn, experiment, and be wrong, so I’m going to try to be flexible. Some of the themes I hope to explore over the next month are the quantified self, aging, social netiquette, and mysteries of the female body.

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